New build projects

Sometimes you simply can't create what you need by changing something that already exists. At Reliable Builders & Contractors we understand and sympthise with this standpoint.

Because of this we are happy to offer you a complete new build service. We offer you a blank slate on which to draw your masterpiece. Taking on an advisory role, we help you to craft your ideas and goals into concrete plans and realities.

Are you looking for a quality home extension?

We are able to build extensions to almost any scale, large or small. Not only that, but we can provide all the materials required and carry out all building work without need for external suppliers or subcontractors, controlling costs and saving time. Dependant on your needs, we are able to build single storey, double storey or even basement extensions.

Built adjacent to an existing room in your house, an extension is a popular and reliable choice when it comes to increasing the amount of space that you have at your disposal. However, there are many things that you need to consider when planning an extension, we can help you to assess the information and make the right choice.

Reliable Builders & Contractors project manage your new extension from concept to completion. All work we do can be backed with up to a ten year insurance backed warranty.

What will we do?

With 40 years of experience to draw upon, we know where we stand when it comes to new build projects. Because of that we offer an enormous range of services to clients from all walks of life.

If you are looking to create your perfect home then our new build services are just what you need. We will take the time necessary to listen carefully to your brief and use this to draw up initial ideas and suggestions. From this we are able to narrow everything down to the final result that you want before offering complete project management on the construction and finishing.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a new business premises to be constructed then we are also able to offer you our services. With a keen eye for efficiency, economy and budget control, we will be able to help you to plan and realise a commercial property that will enhance your business and offer you the potential that you need.

Whatever you want, from plans to reality

Every new build that we create is built and advised by us, however it is the client's fingerprint that is stamped onto it. We are able to use our experience and ability to guide your desires, altering them where necessary and enhancing them wherever possible. Through this we are able to create a unique, bespoke result for you.

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