Rely on us for home alterations

At Reliable Builders & Contractors we understand that you cannot always create your ideal home from the start. However, there are many things that can be done to make your existing house fit your needs more closely.

Whether you need the extra space for your business, a growing family or for any other need, we will be able to help you get what you are after.

Garage and loft conversions

Perhaps an extension isn't what you are looking for though. In that case, we can help you to make excellent use of space that you already have to hand. A garage conversion or loft conversion can create a useable, comfortable room out of utilitarian spaces.

We are able to completely carry out all work necessary to fully convert a room in your house that you don't currently use. This includes structural calculations, the installation of new stairways, new structural sub floors, new timber framework roofs and the addition of dormer windows.

Not only that but we can also ensure the converted room's energy efficiency and safety, fully covering all thermal insulation, sound insulation and fireproofing.

Home refurbishments

Maybe you aren't looking for any changes to be made to your home. If your home is perfect for you in terms of size, feel and functionality but is a little the worse for wear then we can offer you our services once again.

Whether you need structural work done or an upgrade of your house's infrastructure, we can offer you a complete service. We are able to repair, rebuild, repoint, replaster and recondition as well as offering complete electrical and plumbing services with our dedicated plumbers and electricians.

To change your home for the better, call

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New roof and start of new build extension
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